3 Traffic Sources that Work Well with Affiliate Marketing

3 Traffic Sources for Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing when you think about it is all about traffic, because your only job is to get sales to the product you are promoting which means you need people (i.e. traffic) to view the offer and then buy.

With that said, I will examine with you 3 traffic sources that most successful affiliates depend on to generate sales for the offers they are promoting.

But you first need to understand that a good traffic source is the one that can:

  • Easy to drive to your website.
  • Convert into sales

Now I am going to show you 3 of the best traffic sources successful affiliates use to earn thousands each month from hundreds of sales.

Before we start with our list, understand that there are 3 types of traffic

  • Instant Traffic
  • Long Term Traffic
  • Recurring Traffic


Instant Traffic

That is the kind of traffic that you can drive to your website in less than 24 hours, that is very popular giving how attractive and lucrative it can be.

An example of such traffic sources: Social Media Traffic (i.e. Twitter & Facebook), PPC & PPV , Banners.

Although they are considered one of the best traffic methods affiliates can depend on to make money online even for beginners and mid-level affiliates.

Downside: Instant traffic comes at a cost, since most of them will require you to pay to get them.


Long Term Traffic

Any traffic source that can flood your website on monthly basis for a long time is considered a long term traffic source.

They are your best bet if you are promoting products that can sell unlimited copies and does not go out of trend. For example it is bad idea to use long term traffic to promote sports tickets for certain game, because in few days this game will be over and no one will buy tickets and therefore it went out of trend.

Many affiliate marketers use the long term traffic sources to promote their main website (or personal blog) and capture interested visitors in a subscribers list to use them later to sell products to.

A good example of such traffic sources is SEO.

Downside: Takes a long time to generate this kind of traffic although it can be very cheap to get.


Recurring Traffic

This is the kind of traffic you can get on demand and multiple times just whenever you wish.

And for you to be able to do such thing you need to have a trust relation with the traffic.

The trick here is to be able to contact those people in bulk on demand and that means you need to have them in a list of some sort.

A good example of such traffic source is your Twitter/Facebook followers, list subscribers.

Basically recurring traffic is a mix between instant traffic and long term traffic in the sense that it takes time to gather them and build trusting relation with them and how instant you can contact them and redirect them to your affiliate offer.

Many affiliate marketers use this model and build their whole business around, even they invest money to build relations with people in their niche and collect them as subscribers. Because you only need to do this once and just keep sending your affiliate offers from time to time.

Downside: Takes a long time to generate and can be very expensive.


Now here are the 3 best traffic sources that most super affiliates use

#1 Trick the People

Yea I know it sounds so shady, but the best most creative marketing campaigns in history were tricks and hoaxes.

Think about how media companies try to invent ways to trick viewers on TV ads, billboards and so on…

Of course you can’t go and put your ad on TV on “Friends” finale, but you can use social media to get creative with your marketing skills.
Let me give you an example…

There was this guy I saw on Facebook, all he did was create a cute animated gif picture of a puppy blinking with his affiliate link in the description about puppy training kit and he posted it on his Facebook page with less than 1,000 likes.

Now few hours later this picture got over 20,000 shares, it just went viral and I bet thousands of people clicked on his affiliate link he put in the picture description.

This just shows you that you can too make harmless tricks and hoaxes on social media to create a buzz and get traffic. Just be creative!


#2 Paid Traffic

Yes paid traffic does work with affiliate marketing; in fact they have one of the highest conversion rates for affiliate offers.

Some examples of paid traffic are Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC), Pay Per View (PPV), banner ads.

For PPC campaigns you can invest as little as $10 which could bring you may be 50 clicks depending on the keyword you are targeting, and at a conversion of 10% you can make 5 affiliate sales.

There are many ad networks that allow you to do PPC/PPV, most notably Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

For banner ads campaigns, it is best to find a forum or blog in your niche and contact the owner to place a banner with your affiliate link.

This proves very effective as blogs and forums visitors are much targeted audience they come hungry for help and information.

Best thing about paid traffic overall is that you can reroll them, meaning you can re-invest your profits in new PPC or banner campaign to scale up your profits.


#3 Video Marketing

There is of course the popular technique of creating a video and placing your affiliate link in the video description to drive affiliate sales.
But why video marketing is very popular and why it works so much?

This is because people will not buy anything from you unless they can see that you know what you are talking about. And videos are an amazing platform for you to establish your authority on any subject and to build trust.

Plus videos are fun to watch, it is a scientific fact that watching something is less exhausting to reading something for the human brain.

Which means, if you need 1000 words to sell a product then your chances are better if you create a video to say those 1000 words as opposed to writing a long article about it that most people will not finish and stay focused throughout the entire thing.

There are many websites that can host your videos (not just Youtube):

  • Youtube.com
  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo

Try to use different video platforms for your videos, this is because each one of them has their own audience and you can never know where your targeted audiences are.

Traffic sources are so many, as more trends evolve on the internet many traffic sources will show up on the internet stage.

That’s why you need to stay updated with all internet trends because rest assure that internet trends always will provide you with a new traffic source.

Another free traffic source that i think is very important for affiliate to consider is Twitter, giving how easy it is to target your audience and build a relationship with them that can yield in affiliate sales.

We included “T-Money Maker” traffic software in our Affset affiliate marketing course.

Give it a try as it will help bring you traffic to your review pages to sell your affiliate products.


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