Affiliate Marketing Vs Selling Your Own Product

Most people love to make money by building their own affiliate business.

If you’re newbie, then you might take this route as a first step towards making money online and become super affiliate in the future.

Making money online is not as easy as it seems. Don’t think because just you’re sitting in front of the computer screen then it’s that simple.

No! Doing business online—whether building your own affiliate business or having your own product is a different story, and it requires variety of skills and tools.

You still need a lot of knowledge. You can go and get a training course to learn SEO basics or how to do social media marketing and get people to know and trust you.

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In this article I will help you identify the similarities and differences between both ways, and how you can decide in the beginning which way is the more appropriate for you.

#1 Affiliate Marketing is More Novice Friendly

If you’re just a beginner, and this world is completely new for you, then starting as affiliate is the safest bet. Affiliate marketing works like a partnership. You have a stronger partner, who is the vendor in this case, that knows more about you in the market and knows how to create strong products.

As affiliate, you won’t be concerned about how to create a great product, and of course will avoid the costs attached to it.

Your job as an affiliate is to facilitate the sales in behalf of the vendor. You can do this by building your own blog or mailing list and provide relevant and useful content to your market.

Your skills here are essential. You need to learn about the customers by doing market research as I showed you the last post, and provide them with useful content that aids them to solve their problems.

Remember people need to solve their own problems, not to buy your products.

Learn How to Get Traffic is Essential for Affiliates

If you want to succeed as an affiliate you must learn how to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Traffic is something essential for every online business. Without traffic you have no chance to make even a dime online.

There are many training courses online that teach you the basic ways to generate traffic successfully and easily. You need to find a strategy or two and stick to them.

You can also find great information about how to generate traffic in forums or online blogs for free. What matters is to come to a traffic generation strategy in the end and stick strictly to it.

Traffic generation is actually one of the commonalities between starting your own business or affiliate marketing. You need to get traffic to your website if you have a business online, no matter what this business is.

Product Creation Needs More Experience

If you have robust knowledge in some area and you feel that you can write something special and helpful about it, make it your product.

However, product creation give you an edge in the market place, it requires more skills than just being affiliate. It’s more serious, because you need to identify people’s problem and try to outperform the competition in giving out specific solution.

Although it requires more expertise, there are some training courses that show you how to develop your own products and start competing in various markets.

Some important skills you need as a product creator is marketing research. You have to collect information every now and then. You need to do polls and surveys on your blog or website, or by email.

You can go to online forums to find what the market suffers from.

Market research if done properly helps you identify indefinite opportunities and increase your chances of success.

Create Sales Funnel

If you are going to choose product creation route, then you’ll get exposed to one of the most important concepts on the Internet: the sales funnel.

Sales funnel is simply how you’ll turn visitors to leads, leads to prospects, and prospects to customers.

If you don’t know how to create a product funnel that can help you make 5 or 6 figure income, then you may need to find a sales funnel course that shows you how to build your own sales funnel.

There is free information as well about sales funnel available online in forums and blogs. Just do your homework and you’ll find decent amount of information about it.

List building is also essential part of the equation. You’ll need to learn how to build a mailing list and communicate with customers regularly.

A mailing list helps you build relationship with customers. It also helps you understand them more. This is crucial because you need to learn about your customers so that you can satisfy their needs better than the competition.

Many training courses and tools are available for this.

A Final Word

If you’re so serious about making money online, you have to start building your skills and knowledge from now and never stop.

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