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Amazon Affiliate Links on Facebook

Amazon associates program has many advantages that make new affiliate want to join this program. In order to show you some of these advantages let me show you some general facts about Amazon: Amazon netted approx. 89 billion US dollars in 2014 alone. Amazon is amazingly a huge business. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. […]

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Automated Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Absolutely everyone likes to make money online without spending much time running a business. The less time you spend working, the more time we can spend doing something else. May be you love to spend time with your family, studies, friends, or any other area other than working. By having an automatic affiliate business you […]

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Affiliate Links Explained

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s product in exchange for a commission you get for each sale you make. But how does the product owner recognize the sale that you are responsible for (between hundreds of sales he make a day or a month). The deciding factor that comes into play here is nothing else […]

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