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Amazon associates program has many advantages that make new affiliate want to join this program. In order to show you some of these advantages let me show you some general facts about Amazon:

Amazon netted approx. 89 billion US dollars in 2014 alone. Amazon is amazingly a huge business. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

The traffic that Amazon gets every month and its big popularity makes it one of the best places to sell your own products at profits.

And therefore almost all newbie affiliates are on Amazon, and if you’re a newbie, I’m sure you have to try Amazon affiliate program. The original name of Amazon affiliate program is Amazon associates.

Our affiliate marketing course includes a lesson for making money with Amazon as an affiliate marketer.

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Ways to Make Money with Amazon

There are many ways you can have to make money with Amazon, not just through Amazon Associates program. Here are a quick summary about these different money making methods.

Fulfill by Amazon is a way to make money with Amazon. With Fulfill by Amazon you can send your own inventory to Amazon.

Amazon then picks, packs, and ships your inventory to the end customer in the end.

Amazon has many website in different locations that reach different nations and markets.

For example, UK Amazon website targets those markets in Whole EU, so if you want to reach the EU market, you can create account with Amazon UK to reach your target market.

As I said you should have decided beforehand the segment you want to target.

Sell on Amazon

Another way to make money from Amzon is a program called Sell on Amazon. With Sell on Amazon, you’re a seller on Amazon. You have the ability to create an account and reach with your products all EU markets.

A pros that you’ll enjoy selling on Amazon is that when you become an Amazon seller, you don’t just enjoy this massive traffic that Amazon gives you, but you also gain from the trust that people all around the world has on Amazon.

However, because of this trust and the easiness of selling on Amazon, you will also have high competition, but once you’ve built your way up, it would be easy for you to make money very conveniently.

Ways to Promote Your Amazon Associates Website

Promote Amazon on Facebook

Facebook marketing is a general marketing tool that allows you to drive traffic to your website and helps your affiliate business gets traffic, and hence make sales.

Imagine having a presence in a website with more than a billion users. Of course, this is an amazing number that you can get traffic from.

A successful Facebook traffic strategy is more than enough if you want to generate traffic to you website.

We’re in the age of social media marketing. Social media campaigns are the main reason behind successful businesses around the world, either online or offline. It doesn’t matter where your business is located, you still need a good social media plan, and of course Facebook must be included.

A basic affiliate marketing course can teach you how to use Facebook to get traffic to your website on regular basis.

How to Promote on Facebook

After you become an affiliate, through signing up stages, you need to find a way to get traffic from Facebook to your affiliate link.

There are many way to promote your affiliate link on Facebook. One way to advertise your affiliate business on Facebook is to through creating Facebook ads. You need to learn, as fast as possible, how to create Facebook ads.

The role of these ads is to drive traffic from Facebook users.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that it is very cheap. You can generate decent amount of traffic just with a few dollars.

Facebook ads also allow you to insert your affiliate link directly in your ad, which makes it easy for you to get direct sales from Facebook to your affiliate program and get sales.

(More about this part later.)

Know Who You are After

The most crucial step here is to know who your target audiences are on Facebook. Facebooks could help you generate amazing results if you know who you’re after, then you can easily make your Facebook ads more effective.

You’re free to choose how to target your own market. You can use geo criteria. If you want to promote your Amazon affiliate products to some geo segment, such as UK customers or French people, then mention you can make your ad reach only these markets.

Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links on Facebook

The best thing about Facebook Ads is that it gives you that ability as an Amazon affiliate to add your affiliate links on their ads, so you can directly drive Facebook users that you target to your affiliate product and earn some commission.

There is also another way to promote your Amazon affiliate link on Facebook. You can add your affiliate link on the posts you create in your Facebook Page. Facebook Page is your way to give your online business some official presence on Facebook.

Using ads with your Facebook Page is a great way to drive more traffic on regular basis and make more profits.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

The first step to create Amazon affiliate links is to have an Amazon Associates account. After you sign up and have access to your account you can create your own Amazon affiliate links from the control panel.

Creating Amazon affiliate links is not hard or big issue, it’s like any other affiliate program. However, without that link, you never get paid. So make sure that your Amazon affiliate links are working properly from the start.

Good luck!

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