Before Joining Any Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing is being used more often than other money making methods online, that’s because it has been proven to work for many.

With many people being hit by the financial crisis it hardly became a choice to start your online business and that made people seriously consider it.

Even people who are currently employed, they seek extra income and perhaps a creative outlet that their jobs are not giving them.

Students too are a perfect example of people who want to start in affiliate marketing, especially if you are renting a flat and just need money to get you going. Or even you want to build an affiliate website and write about the subjects you are studying.


Low Entry Barrier

It doesn’t take much to start your affiliate business, because you can promote products without even owning a website.

This way of doing affiliate marketing is about promoting affiliate links anywhere that accepts it.

So if you decided to run your affiliate business without a website then here are placed to promote your product’s affiliate link:

  • Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites
  • Paid ads (Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads)
  • Guest posting (first ask the blogger if he accepts affiliate links)
  • YouTube videos (affiliate links in the description)

Certainly there is no shortage of place to start promoting your affiliate products.

But my advice for beginners’ affiliates is to first create a website and promote products from there.

When you own a website or blog, you get to write about the problems that your niche is facing. And helping to solve these problems will earn you the trust of your readers.

In general, to be able to sell products (especially the ones you don’t own) requires a certain level of trust between you and your readers so they can buy what you recommend.

To start an affiliate website (blog is the easiest type), you need:

  1. A domain name that sells for $10 a month
  2. A web hosting account to host your website and get it live (around $50 a year)
  3. Setup WordPress blog (free and every hosting account has clear instructions and tools to install it)


How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

There is no magic formula to that can guarantee you success in any online business and certainly not in affiliate marketing.

And certainly there is no affiliate marketing course or training that can claim to help you succeed, all they can do is equip you with enough knowledge and tools to fight your way to the top.

The most important thing that separate successful affiliates from others is mostly personal character.

People who have these character traits are most likely to succeed:

  1. Patience
  2. Fighting Spirit
  3. Bouncing back
  4. Honesty

Patience is the virtue of kings, and if you want to become an affiliate marketing king then you have to be patient.

You will not achieve affiliate marketing success and start making sales over night; it takes dedicated people around 3 to 6 month to start seeing the first sale.

It takes some time to build your affiliate website and write content in it, and even more time to do SEO to get traffic. So without patience you won’t last long.

Fighting spirit is a must in affiliate marketing because with so many skills required from finding a niche to writing product reviews, you need to learn lots of things and keep your spirit up like a gladiator.

Bouncing back is your weapon against the disappointments of online business, because even if you did everything right, things still change.

Take for example SEO, you could rank your affiliate website on page #1 but suddenly you find yourself dropped to the 10th page. And if you the frustration overwhelmed you then you will quite soon.

Bouncing back from minor setbacks will help you last longer in the business and will give you experiences that will help you grow not only as an affiliate marketer but as a person also.

Honesty sells in affiliate marketing!

People who write honest product reviews tend to sell more, your blog visitors are not stupid and they know that there is no product that is 100% perfect.

If you are trying to hide the flows of your affiliate product then people will smell that a mile away, but if you are being honest and explaining to people how to overcome these flows then you will most likely generate sales.

Many affiliates fail to comprehend that and they get so desperate to sell, and if you appear desperate you will risk losing the trust of your visitors that you worked hard to develop.

But you should always pick a high quality product to promote, and the one with good reputation and customer support.

A simple trick you can use to determine how quality any product has (high quality=less flaws), you can search Google for the product name then “inurl:forum”



This will return you a list of forums where people are talking about the product.

You should read each thread and determine if the product is good enough for you to promote it.

Good reactions from people can even be used on your affiliate website as testimonials.

The quality of your affiliate product can help you a lot when you are selling it, as you won’t have to hide or sugar coat any flaws.


At the end, you shouldn’t give up on your dream to make money online, and keep learning about new tools and techniques.

People who make these tools and devise and share strategies will help you because you will be learning from their mistakes that you don’t have to do them on your own.

Affiliate marketing courses are on high demand because they offer beginner affiliates a chance to learn about affiliate marketing step by step.

You could also learn from affiliate marketing blogs but you need to have a clear understanding of affiliate marketing first and the blog posts will merely help you improve certain skills.


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