What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising model where advertisers offer percentage of their product’s price to other people who promote it.

Meaning that, if you find a product that you like and you promoted it then you could earn a commission on each sale you help make.

Affiliate marketing is also for people who are busy and don’t want to answer customer’s emails for the product support.

You only need to focus on promoting your affiliate product, and once someone buys it then they become the responsibility of the product’s owner.

Our affiliate marketing training course could help you move beyond the beginning stage of affiliate marketing.

So after you read this article and understand affiliate marketing better, take yourself to the next step and start your affiliate business.


Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those low “entry barrier” businesses. As in, it is easy to get started without major financial or experience requirements.

You can get your affiliate marketing business started without even owning a website.

All you need is an affiliate link and then you can start promoting it across social media websites and through paid advertising campaigns.

But you will find it much easier to own a website and sell affiliate products through it.

Running affiliate marketing campaigns through a website is a smart long term plan, because as the time goes by, your website starts to get known and gains trust in the niche.

After that incremental growth you will see that affiliate sales will come much easier than when you just started the website.

It is also better to start your affiliate marketing business using a blog and not a traditional website.

Blogs allow affiliate marketers to share content that demonstrate their expertise and that can help people solve various problems in the market.

Affiliate blogs are also easy to promote and easy to do SEO for, since you can rank a blog post easier than the main page of any website and still get traffic.

This is very important in affiliate marketing, because you could use blog posts to review your affiliate product and get traffic to that review post.

The basic cost to running affiliate blog is around $60 a year, broken down into:

  1. Web hosting account ($50 a year, give or take)
  2. Domain name ($10 a year)
  3. WordPress (free to download and install)

One you got those 3 things ready, then you are already half way done and you can look forward to the next part.


Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliates program is a system built by products owners where they list the commission percentage given to the affiliate marketers who join the program.

There are multiple kinds of affiliate programs that reward affiliates in different ways:

  • Rewarding for making a sale (PPS)
  • Rewarding for getting people to signup (CPA)
  • Rewarding for getting people to download (CPA)

PPS or pay per sale is an affiliate program that reward affiliates only if they succeeded in making a sale.

This is the most common affiliate marketing model that dominates the majority of affiliate programs.

Many product owners prefer this model for its simplicity, as there is no restriction on the kind of traffic that generated the sale. Any sale is valid and commissions are paid for them.

There are also many variations in the PPS model, as some vendors will pay you a recurring monthly commission for each client you bring.

This is mostly common in products that charge people on monthly basis (i.e. web hosting services), and making an affiliate sale for such products will earn you money each month from just 1 client.

CPA or cost per acquisition/action is another type of affiliate programs that earns you affiliate commission not because you made a sale but rather for much easier goals to achieve.

For example, some CPA affiliate programs will pay you over $100 and sometimes $500 affiliate commission for getting someone to do any of those things:

  • Fill out a form
  • Signup for a free account somewhere
  • Fill out a survey
  • Download a free app or game

You might think that it is too good to be true, but it really is true.

Many of these goals you see above are very vital for many companies and do bring them profits even if the people you refer are not really buying anything.

For example if a company is willing to pay you hundreds of dollars for getting people to download a game, then they will be making their money by putting ads on the game or by selling add-ons inside the game.


Affiliate marketing is an interesting way to make money online and you should certainly consider it, as it is one of the few really legitimate ways to monetize your website or blog.

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